Monday, December 13, 2010

Hannah, Melody and Breanne

This is Hannah. 
This is Melody. 
 This is Breanne.
They are sweet friends, who wanted a photo-shoot together while Melody was in Denton to visit. I've known Breanne for a good while now, and I must admit she is just one of my favorite people to be around. She makes you feel instantly comfortable and loved, and her love for the Lord and His people are evident in all she does! I met Hannah through Breanne and I also just adore her. She is sweet, funny and so lovely. Even though our frienship is pretty new, I just really cherish it already. This photo shoot also happened to be the first time I met Melody, Breanne's dear friend from high-school. She is equally as wonderful! God has blessed me with amazing and strong females in my life -- like these girls! If there is one important thing you should know about these girls, know that they are soul-sisters. Amen. :)
The photo on the left is a sort of victory snapshot, because Melody is a Biology major at the University of Texas -- and she kicks butt while doing it. She is pre-med and a self-described "science nerd." I can tell you right now she is going to be one awesome doctor, and all her hard, hard work will pay off... and even better yet, she will be able to use her God-given talents to help people -- SO COOL! The photo on the right is exciting because she will be traveling to Spain this upcoming summer -- starting her very own "Spanish Journey."
Hannah is so sweet. Look at those baby blues! Not only is she so sweet, but she is so, SO funny and down-to-earth. She can laugh at herself, enjoy life to the fullest, and even more impressive... run around and nanny two kids throughout the week on top of school. I salute you Hannah! I am so glad to know you, I feel so blessed by you.
What can I say about Breanne? She is a  beautiful person and a great friend. She is fearless, passionate, and so willing to follow the Great Commission. Her heart for missions is so inspiring and lovely. God has big plans for her, and her fiance Kendall's life together.
They both yearn to travel. Breanne has even told me she feels more at home traveling than anywhere else.
Soul sisters.


Blogger Breanne said...

Kristiane! You're going to make me cry! this was so sweet! I love you so much and thank you! eek! I'll be seeing you over christmas break!

December 15, 2010 at 2:19 PM  

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