Tuesday, November 2, 2010

BT and Dalena

I had the pleasure of taking engagement photos for my old boss BT (aka the great Ben Taylor) and et me just start off by saying that BT was one of the best people I've ever worked with. He was my assistant Hall Director at Bruce Hall my first year as an RA. Between him and my hall director, Margaret, I was in job-bliss. It was such a fun year for me! BT definitely made the job fun and his enthusiasm and positive outlook on life is what make people around him love him so very much. This was my first time actually spending time with Dalena and I automatically loved her. Her smile is so sweet and genuine and she just has a .... gentle soul... know what I mean? I love them. And I love these photos. They were all taken on the square and they are just so much fun -- just like Dalena and BT. This is going to a long post because I have so many favorites! I can't wait for their wedding in March!

Their favorites. :)

A different kind of kiss!
Love the dip. :)


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