Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Carole and Jason's September Wedding

I've known Jason for a few years now. We worked together as resident assistants at Bruce Hall my sophomore year in college. I was a RA for two years, and I have to say that my first year was by far my favorite. Although I was new and the youngest person on staff, I had SO much fun. Each person on staff had such a personality and we meshed so well. I will never forget that year -- and Jason had a lot to do with that! He is so goofy and fun-loving and I've always been so grateful to know him. Carole was a hall-director at UNT whom I've always heard such wonderful things about. I've always been a tad bummed that I never got to work with her closely because I know that everyone, seriously every single person, that has known her in any capacity has absolutely adored her. They met in housing, fell in love and the rest is history. I love it! Housing love happens more often then not -- trust me! My next door neighbors are a married couple that were RA's together at Kerr Hall! I feel so blessed that they asked me to photograph their wedding. It was so special and SO MUCH FUN! Here are some highlights of their beautiful day.

Carole did her own make-up, and it looked wonderful.

Carole and her "man of honor."

Love that grin.

Hot stuff. Love those purple shoes.

She's beautiful from the inside and out.

So in between this and the next photo Carole tripped, just a little bit, but it was adorable because it's Carole and she handled it with such grace and a fun-loving attitude that it made me so happy.

And it made the audience laugh, because she was laughing. And there was sweet laughter everywhere.

It was the prettiest time of day. So dreamy.

Praying for there future together.

THOSE TREES! Gorgeous.

How cute is this? Plastic swords because Jason is a Navy man now!

Love these smiles.

Why yes, Drew IS in a sailor suit.

The Stringfield men are funny. Simply said.

There were cutsie mustaches everywhere. I loved it!

So much joy.

Cake smoosh!

Ben and Drew. Dancing machines!


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Hi! I don't know if you've received The Versatile Blogger Award yet or not but I wanted to offer it to you! I really enjoy reading your posts and viewing your photos!

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