Monday, July 19, 2010

These things I know...

Let me just say that I am so very blessed to be dating this amazing man, who is my best friend and everything I could ask for and more. A big thank you to Nathan for fixing things, keeping me level-headed, making me laugh, and just loving me.

He makes my heart ache with joy in the best and most beautiful way possible.

I also know these things...
- It is far too hot outside.
- Inception was a very good film.
- I have the most spoiled cat in the world. He is currently snubbing me for keeping him from seeing a hurt little kitten Justin brought over.
- I just really, really love photography.
- School districts take too long to get back to substitute teacher applicants.
- God is so good and so faithful.

just love this photo. just cause. what a cutie.
image via weheartit (but pretty sure I saw it on Marvelous Kiddo).

Have a good week. :)


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