Monday, November 29, 2010

Mina and Jose Miguel's Sweet Proposal

I had the privilege of capturing the sweetest marriage proposal last weekend -- for Mina and Jose Miguel. Jose Miguel took Mina out for lunch from work and surprised her with a ring and proposal! He did it in front of the Avanti restaurant in Downtown Dallas, with the cool water fountains in front of it. It was just perfect. Mina's smile radiated, as did his. I am just so happy for them -- and just so honored to have gotten to photograph such a precious moment in their lives. They are so wonderful, warm and kind!

It was a beautiful day. If you look closely you can see Mina and Jose Miguel walking down from a distance. She has no idea! 
I was very sneaky.
Look at that glow!
Now she gets it. :)
They walked over the to the restaurant and there was a Mariachi band surprise... yay!
Sisters. :)
They ordered the same thing, which apparently never happens, so cute.
Family. :)
They happened to run into an old friend who worked nearby -- it was so sweet!
This cake was just so beautiful.
Mina's parents got them this beautiful present -- a love poem on the right in Farsi and the English translation on the left.
So excited for you two. Congratulations again!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Alix and Jorel

Alix and Jorel are SO funny together. Not to mention, so adorable. They are high-school sweethearts that are getting married this May. Gosh, I just could go on and on about just how sweet they are individually and together, but I'll just let the photos show that to you.

We met up at Ryan High School (NOT Denton High -- which I ever so eloquently showed up at with confidence, ha  ha!) because it is where the met as sophomores. :) By the way, it was basically the windiest day in history and Alix handled it SO well when most girls would have just busted out in tears, she persevered -- she's so beautiful!

Then we headed to the Square for some fun shots in their pretty, pretty clothes.

Alix brought all these sweet props -- cuuuute.
These next photos crack me up!
Ahh -- here we go. :)

You two are wonderful!